Posted 4w ago by @lindseymae

Leaves falling off 😢
My beloved ivy, Tommy Shelby, has been having a problem lately. Some leaves are just falling off, especially newer growths, I can just pull them right off without any force. Some leaves are getting crusty even (see closer photos). I am watering on schedule, fertilizing when I am supposed to, and loving it well… Not sure what to do from here. He’s my favorite plant I have and I’m scared he’s on his way out 😫. 
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
If you say the leaves are getting crusty, that means your humidity is too low/air is too dry! I would lightly mist once a day to prevent the plant from getting too dry! Also make sure the soil doesn’t dry out too much between waterings 🌿💧
@kscape okay! That seems right- I feel like my waterings are too spaced apart!
Still losing lots of dried leaves :((((( , I have been misting, but I will stick with it in hopes that it works!

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