Posted 4M ago by @Stephiekate24

Is this normal? I’m not supposed to put water yet, it just started to look like this. What’s this white substance? It’s my first live plant I’m sorry if it’s a stupid question lol.
0ft to light, indirect
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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Hi Stephanie, you can just scrape the mould and top layer of soil off with a spoon and throw it away, then you can either leave it as is or put a fine layer of cinnamon (natural fungicide) on the new top soil.

Agree with Janai that it’s probably from the soil remaining wet, so I’d recommend bottom watering (putting water in a bowl/dish and then standing your plant - as long as it has drainage hole at the bottom - so the water is absorbed that way)
Looks like mold from too much water in the surface
What should I do to heal him? Do you know?
@kataep thanks so much! I’ll try that. It was given to me as a gift in that pot but I’ll definitely change it
@Stephiekate24 from the pic looks like the plant might be in a plastic pot with drainage inside the decorative pot? Worth looking at that as then you wouldn’t have to repot at all.
If scraping the top of the soil off doesn't work, I'd recommend taking the plant out of the soil and replanting it in some fresh, dry soil in a pot with drainage. That way you can avoid getting root rot.

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