Posted 1M ago by @Morgan3300

It won’t perk up
It doesn’t need water, I’ve repotted it, The roots looked good, I’m not sure what to do? 
I'm wondering if it's either in shock from the repot or if the pot is too big. Peace lilies like to be tight in their pots. They like to be root bound- it helps them stand up straighter.
How long ago did you re-pot it? May just be in shock. Give it a bit of time it may perk up.
@EconomicalComet it looked like this before I repotted it. But I put it in a new pot last week
@Morgan3300 when you buy theses plants they have sticks to hold them up remove them and remove any dead leafs I’d recommend a all purpose soil don’t over water it if soil is wet use the finger trick 1inch in if soil is wet it ok …. too much Direct sunlight can also be a issue shaded area with indirect light  “sticks are in the vain of the leaf stem look closely”
@SpotonMostii thank you!!!

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