Posted 4w ago by @SnailOnATrail

Am I watering him enough?

Hi, I've been watering Dorian frequently, but in the back he looks a little...dry? He doesn't have as many leaves as in the front. Is this normal? Is watering him 2-3 times a week too much or too little, because I've read different information.
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Hi, Nela! If you hadn’t mentioned how many times you watered a week, I’d never think that your plant was overwatered!

While 2-3 times a week might be a lot in some parts of the world, it really depends on how much sun your plant is getting, how hot it is where you are, and how well your soil dries.

Judging from the plant card information, you’ve had the plant for quite some time! I think from the looks of it, you’re doing well!!

Just remember, if you want the plant to be bushier, cut back the long branches and give the plant more sunlight. Sunlight is the magic that will bring out new leaves! (:
Thank you :)