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Plant Mail…Help not sure if got what I paid for. I ordere...

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7ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Oh, yeah ...that does not look like my oxalis at all! 😯. I agree, they sent you the wrong item.
It’s definitely a type of oxalis, but I’m not sure the type or value. πŸ˜• I saw one of these at a shop recently I was thinking should have looked at the tag, but I forgot.
No my did not look up yours. Sure wish they did.
That is an oxalis, but not the triangularis. @UltraKoreanfir gave a great photo of the triangularis!
Yep it’s not a triangularis😐 Maybe you’ll get a free plant out of the deal.
That looks like the trailing oxalis.
Yours is a Plum Crazy oxalis! One of my favorites 🩷 @FitBrowallia @Alinaa @Gifts2enjoy @PlantMompy @BambooLover
Here is my tiny Plum Crazy and my big Purple Shamrock
Thank you @BambooLover @Alinaa @PlantMompy @Gifts2enjoy @dreamlettuce @UltraKoreanfir You guys are awesome πŸͺ΄ people
Thanks for enlightening us @dreamlettuce !! While I don’t have any, I really love oxalis. One day perhaps when/if I have more space.
@FitBrowallia πŸ’ŸπŸž
Plum Crazy, yes! So glad you remembered the name @dreamlettuce I knew I wouldn't 🀣