Posted 5M ago by @drakosmüm

Pole in the middle
I wonder.. what is that pole-looking growth in the middle of my flytraps? Could they be new sprout of leaves or traps? Noob with plants here 😬 #VenusFlyTrap #PetsAndPlants #NewPlantMom #HappyPlants
4” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
That's the flower stem. Will be pretty white flowers when they blossom 😊
@drakosmüm yeppers that's a flower stem!! My venus fly traps are getting ready to flower as well!!
Ooohh nice, cant wait for them to bloom! Forgot that it’s spring season now 🌸 thanks for the info @GreenGoblin @OKIEgrnthmb
That, my friend, is the flowering stem! It means your little venus fly trap is thriving. Though, i would advise to chop it off as soon as possible. Making a flower stem is really hard intensive work. It will save your plant the trouble of putting all it's energy into flowering. Unless you're planning on growing one from fertilized seeds i would chop it off. 😊
@ElvishForester hey, that’s interesting 🤔 ..makes sense, let me look into it since all four of my VFTs got that flowering stem. Thanks for the advice!
@drakosmüm I just snipped mine off & replanted in hopes of new traps.
@McWifey 😲 wow, didnt know they propagate via the flowering stem!
You've got a flower!!
@drakosmüm I didn't know either. My plant is a baby & I was scared flowering & harvesting the seeds would be too taxing for it. So I googled & found this:,Finally%2C%20provide%20water%20and%20lighting.

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