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Aji cachucha What's wrong with my plant ?
I need help it rained alot on monday so moved it in the shade, my backyard does not get any direct sunlight. So i move it to the front where it can get some sun and this is how it is:( is it dead? Can i revive it? I changed the soil today since it was super moist!
Is it a pepper plant?
No, I don’t think it’s dead. If it’s not used to direct sunlight, it may have wilted a little but hopefully you’ve caught it in time. Check the soil to make sure it’s not overwatered from the rain, or dried out from the heat. Keep it in the shade and it should revive.
Welcome to Greg, Ashley! What a cool plant!

I read that your plant likes the sun so moving it is good- it'll also help dry out the soil.

I think it was just overwatered by the rain. Does that pot it's in have drainage holes? Your plant is definitely not dead. (:

It probably just needs some time to recover, especially if you repotted it with new soil. When we repot plants, we usually jostle the roots and that can put the plant into shock.
It also just might be in a little shock if it was just repotted. And moved. It looks like beans so it might need a stake to hold them up when it gets so tall like yours.
Thank you so much !!!! So I repotted it again yesterday and it is doing better this morning but now it's like wilting a little bit I think the pepper is a little bit delicate especially with miamis bipolar weather πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I have it in the shade now as well

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