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Brownish droopy leaves on my monstera
#Monstera I’m so so so worried for my monstera. What can I do to make her feel better? I repoted my monstera because I had problems with the soil (fungus naghts). I did it outside and everything went great. But now, the leaves are a bit droopy (i tied them together) and some are starting to turn brown (but not a crispy brown). I gotta say, I let her sit outside for the day because i knew she was overwatered and needed to air out, but where I live, it’s about 16 degrees (celsius, i’m canadian). Even though it was extremely sunny out, I think maybe the wind affected her. I would LOVE if the only reason for the leaves turning brown was that she was cold. It would mean she would get better. But do you think it could be because of the repotting? I don’t want her to die. I’m not very good with plants but this one is my favorite! ❤️

I only have one picture to show you because I cut the other two that were even more affected.
2ft to light, direct
11” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Was she in direct sun outdoors? It could be sunburn. I don’t think that was too cold for her.
@user26c78da4 I would just give her a nice sunny spot and let her heal. Overwatering will do it and the repotting her most likely shocked her. I would cut the brown off the leaves or the entire leaf and just let her heal. I let my Elvira get pretty dry before I water it. She'll be ok she just needs to rest and recuperate
@user2616 thanks for your feedback! Yes she was, but she also is when indoors! Really? You don’t? Since it’s a tropical plant, I would’ve thought that 16 C degrees (or 60 F) was probably too cold for her.

(Sorry for my english, not my first language)
@ShannonMHR Great! Thank you so much! When I looked up transplant shock, I was worried she wouldn’t survive. You think she can make it if I just cut off the brown leaves? (Sorry for my english, not my first language)
@user26c78da4 your English is fine no apology needed. Me personally I would cut off the leaf. The plank can use that energy to fix it towards more growth. If you can put her in a bright spot. I live in Montana so I understand the lower temp. I also always use a humidifier because the air is so dry here. The rest of the plant looks awesome so I think with some rest, bright light and humidity she will be ok.
@user26c78da4 I consider 60 F the minimum for tropical plants.

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