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My prayer plant is struggling. Plz help!
Some of his leaves are browning at the tips and some are browning at the base. He does have some new growth but a few of them have died off before they even open. I water when his soil gets dry and he is not in direct sunlight. I did test the soils pH and it came back fine. Any thoughts or suggestions plant fam?
Maybe your room isn’t humid enough? I have the same plant and it loves higher humidity and thrives around other plants
@KeyJerseytea is correct about prayer plants needing humidity. Misting may help. The plant should be on a regular watering schedule with the soil kept damp but not soggy. A pot with drainage would help prevent overwatering. Bright indirect sunlight is good.
I’ll make it more humid for him and bring some of his plants siblings closer. Thanks for the suggestions!
2w ago
You have a gorgeous plant. There are several reasons for brown leaves on Prayer Plants. It could be impurities in the tap water used to water the plant. It could also be a lack of humidity, (misting it daily will help), uneven watering and too much direct sun. There is a website called; Troubleshooting Brown Leaves on Prayer Plants. It will give you many solutions to your problem. I hope your plant-friend get better soon.
@Ada3 that’s a great site!! Thank you!!

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