Posted 3w ago by @SoundlyGlueseed

Help! This baby plant’s leaves start to shrink and turn yellow ever since I got them. I water them on time. They are close to indirect sunlight. I don’t know what’s happening to them. 😞
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
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Thanks, @KikiGoldblatt - Valerie, I have a red Joseph's Coat and I have kept it under a grow light during the colder months.

I know that I needs to be in well draining soil and it needs to be watered consistently.

The thing is, they need A LOT of bright, light -- like full sun. If they don't have full sun, the leaves aren't as beautiful and can be smaller and misshapen. They might even turn yellow.

If they are watered too much, the leaves can turn yellow and fall off.

I think this is a rather hardy plant and once you get the care right, it'll bounce right back. (:
@SoundlyGlueseed I’m not too sure, but maybe it’s a watering issue. They like to stay moist all the time not soggy. Maybe someone else might have some better recommendations. @Gordo @sarahsalith I know Sarah has outdoor plants so she may know. I know this one is indoors, but she might have some tips. Same with Gordo.
@KikiGoldblatt thank u so much! I have been keeping it pretty moist so far. I would like to hear some other thoughts too.
@sarahsalith thank u so much! I thought the light could be the problem. I live in upstate NY so it’s not too warm or bright yet. That’s maybe the reason for shrinking leaves. I will wait for a couple weeks more to see it Boyce back again. Thank you for the information!! 🥰🥰🥰
@SoundlyGlueseed you are so welcome. 💚 Make sure you post pictures when the weather cooperates. (:

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