Posted 2Y ago by @PoulomiB

Is my plant getting enough water?

Im trying to follow Greg’s advice with how often i should water my mint baby but its leaves started becoming brown when im on the once a week schedule. Should i water it more often because its still a baby? How do i help it survive?
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
Since it’s a new plant, I would not follow Greg’s schedule to a T unless it seems accurate. I would check the soil every few days and if it’s dry a couple inches down, then water and mark in the app that you watered it. If Greg tells you to water, but the soil is still damp, just snooze that day. Greg will learn from your waterings and snoozes how often that plant needs to be watered. Eventually the app will be pretty accurate, but initially you need to give it the information.
Great! Thank you @CarrieK

Is it still saveable? πŸ₯Ί i was really happy to see it grow
@RazorsharpAtom It definitely looks like it to me. Just be sure to let it dry out before watering again. There may be someone with more knowledge than me who will chime in with better advice!