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What’s your Sunday morning ritual?

We just moved so we are enjoying a rainy Sunday morning with coffee and plants. Hashbrown is unsure of the new ritual #PetsOfGreg #PetsAndPlants #FiddleLeafFig #PothosPack #FicusGang #PLANTMAFIA #gregmug #GregGang
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
See what plants need water, coffee then breakfast after I’ve had my moment I wake the kids
I went for my coffee- but it's in a mug from my local coffee dealer! Apparently I need another Greg mug. πŸ˜‰

Gotta feed the ducks and cats and dogs #PetsOfGreg then off to feed the humans in the house and LAST BUT NOT LEAST

My plants. ... and cleaning windows. #CleanWindows
@GardeningDiva I'd have to get up SUPER early to have a moment before my kids wake up! One day I might get my moment before the chaosοΏΌ. πŸ˜‰
Feed pets β˜‘οΈ
Water indoor plants β˜‘οΈ
Feed RJG β˜‘οΈ
Medicate RJG β˜‘οΈ
Turn off greenhouse heater β˜‘οΈ
Text @AnnaLovesVoting about soccer (next)
Everyday is coffee first. Then feed all the fur kids (because they just yell & want to trip you everywhere you walk). Turn on lights in garage for the green kids. And fans or open windows for air for all the house kids. But this am is much cooler and rainy. This two legger doesn’t grow good in the rain haha πŸ˜†
@sarahsalith what a busy morning! I love it!
@RJG working through the checklist!
@CalitoCarolina oh yeah hashbrown definitely had breakfast before my coffee on the balcony!
I have 5 fur monsters πŸ™€ haha it’s hard to ignore them. Their little bit loud. Meowing, whimpering and hitting the the fur kids gate waking us up. This is my Sphinx Mikey sleeping on me and staring.
I usually only have time for coffee and plants before the chaos that four kids bring starts up πŸ˜…
I start every morning with coffee and plants 🌱 πŸ’¨ β˜•οΈ 😻 #staylifted
Water some plants, mist some plants, have a cup of tea and watch the birds outside my window.
Ooooh, I can't wait to get my Greg Mug so I can take pictures of the plants and animals out here.
@next2happy me too! It definitely encourages photos!