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Propagation not rooting?
I've had this baby for a while now and honestly forgot about him so he was sitting dry on my shelf for a couple months! A few weeks back I put him in some water to propagate and he started growing roots, but they fell off. The stem that the roots were growing from shriveled and died, and I can't get any more roots to form. Can I save him?
(I'll try to attach a pic in the comments) #haworthia #propagation
I think he might be a zebra haworthia, but I seem to remember the parent plant having dark green ridges instead of white ones
@kohkoda it’s not a Zebrina, this is a Zebrina. @vvvelo what do you think? I believe you can save him. Just plant the bottom in succulent soil and spritz it. Do that every 4 to 5 days as the soil dries out.
@kohkoda here’s another pic of my Zebrina.
@KikiGoldblatt She's beautiful! Here's mine, the first plant I got a couple years back! The parent of the propagation had similar ridges, but they were more like dots and were the same colour as the rest of the plant. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures.
@KikiGoldblatt I only have access to regular potting soil, should that still work?
I found a pic of the parent plant! Does this help with id? Thanks for all your help!
@kohkoda regular soil holds water and the roots of your succulents will rot. Try to buy some perlite and mix it with your soil. In general succulents like well drained and gritty soil.
@kohkoda I agree with @vvvelo get some perlite to add to the soil.

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