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it’s been a big week here at Greg!!! fancy new plant cards, fancy new community monitor, and now it’s time to finish with our favorite weekly super thread!!!!

the dev team has been working super hard cranking out these updates so this #FreshLeafFriday is for them!!!

lets make sure i have plenty of cool #NewGrowth to show them! they love seeing how much your plants have improved on greg and love hearing your feed back.

and if you’re feeling really inclined give @Martin, @Eric, @Palmhanks, @Shaheen @anthonyr, @greg, @hsinghc, @hweee, @yoonsw15, @Joshuawold, @Gareth and @plantankerous a big thank you and shoutout for all the work their doing behind the scenes. (you can of course thank @Alex, @Kiersten, @Colin, @Lee and myself for other things πŸ˜‰ but the dev team really busted their butts)

i hope you all had as exciting a week as i did and can’t wait to see your new fresh leaves of the week!
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Happy friyay everyone

A couple of philodendron and a alocasia are just a few of my autumn growth. The sun has turned and I’d helped in new growth. #freshleaffriday
Baby plant 😍
Thanks #gregteam

Goodnight @Gordo! See you in the morning!
@AnnaLovesVoting Yaaaaaassssss!!!!! I was hoping we'd see this bb. have we named it?!? Is it in Greg!?
@RJG not yet πŸ‘€
my podophyllum had a leaf w some necrosis in the veins so that’s why there’s a bare stem lol, but look at my babies!!!
@AnnaLovesVoting well how can I ogle it whenever I want then?
also thank you #gregteam for managing and making constant improvements to my favorite place on the internet!! <3 i’d honestly consider many of the people here my closest friends :)
The 3rd and 4th pics are the ones that just finished unraveling. Last pic is my rubber plant that just finished unraveling as well, the misty look is from the humidifier.
A few more pics.
@RJG thank you. Absolutely, the Monsteras have two more new leaves that I didn’t take a pic of coming in as well.
Some of my succulents and all of the Aloes have babies coming in too.
It’s been such a productive week around here that my #FreshLeafFriday is overflowing. And I think Hemingway the Calathea is trying to explode out of his pot.

And OF COURSE mega thanks to the #gregteam! Love you guys.
Lots of new growth on my philodendron. Satin Potho and then my Marble Queen Potho.
@KikiGoldblatt your plant fam is POPPING
And now the Mini Monstera.
@BumblingBat we love to see those plant babies crushing it!!!
here are some from #RJGsPatio #FicusGang #FicusFam
Eye have been studying! But here’s part 1 😁
Aaaaand pt 2
@RJG I’m here~ just watered all my darlings. I will snoop out some #FreshLeafFriday babies to share. 🌱
Thanks #GregTeam!! And happy #FreshLeafFriday! I have some new growth to share from baby #GoldenPothos!
Aw yay @AllieAndPlants this is so exciting!!! how are you enjoying Greg so far?
@Gordo I love your philos!!!!! I definitely have Plant envy when you share pictures!!😍😍πŸͺ΄πŸŒ±
@OKIEgrnthmb agree. @Gordo has amazing plants πŸ₯΅πŸ₯°πŸ€©
Happy #FreshLeafFriday. My rescued Tiger tooth aloe is showing new growth.
Silverword Philodendron seems to be finally feeling at home, Alocasia Polly is working on her summer glowup. Ans honourable mentions to my haggard Monstera and lopsided Ficus Elastica .
ooohhh snap!!! my first post for #freshleaffriday ever and boy is it gonna be a doozyy! πŸ™ƒ

first is my VFTS newgrowth
This isn’t a leaf yet, but I swear this colocasia grew a half inch overnight!
next is my String of pearls/ string of tears newgrowth
next is my pepermonia newgrowth
now my monstera newgrowth
zebrina newgrowth
alocasia newgrowth
Thank you #gregteam and @RJG for all you do for our plants πŸͺ΄ and plant community! Here’s my #FreshLeafFriday I’m most excited about 🀭- baby leaf on N’Joy prop, new growth on Blue Star fern, and the 4th blossom on pink Aglaonema! #HappyPlants #PothosPack #FernFriends #PLANTMAFIA #PlantAddict
@kris10nicolee your plants are popping off
@MariansOasis look at all that new growth!!!
@RJG can I get a WHHOOOPP WHOOOP!!!!
@Pegster they get so big have you seen mine!? I need to update the picture now that we have gallery mode!
@AggroResting top of the morning! how are we up north? Did we get some Tim Hortons today? (if so can you forward some to me)
Would love to see the picture.
@Pegster go look at Toothy in my oasis!
@RJG Flourishing with all this spring humidity. And no Timmie Ho’s 🀒 Cant touch that swill 🀣
@RJG I absolutely LOVE Greg!!
I almost forgot, this ZZ plant is out of control and will probably need a new pot soon. Its so crowded in there the main stalk is going sideways (not pictured)πŸ˜‚
I found your Toothy in discover. He is big and beautiful. Thank you.
Happy Friday !!!

My Philodendrons are growing happily.... My Adansonii like usual.... Teaching my Begonia Maculata 'Medora' to stand.... And my gifted Tradescantia 'Quadricolor'?? Cutting I received in the mail all the way from TX now has some lovely roots!
#philoflock #monsteramob #begoniabunch #tradescantia #philodendron #monstera #begonia #rootporn
I’ve missed the last couple weeks & my plants have been exploding with growth- but these are my 3 I’m most proud of. My #PhilodendronBrasil just keeps popping leaves out 2 at a time & has become one of my absolute favorite plants. And 2 of my struggling propagations are finally getting new growth. The #CebuBluePothos just got it a new baby leaf & my #RedPrayerPlant (I wasn’t sure it was gonna make it) is putting out a fresh new leaf πŸ™Œ
@Gordo there are a few times I’ve been stunned by a pic just to tap the profile and see.. oh, it’s this guy again πŸ₯²
hello there @Megan! happy Friday! how is studying going!?
@HyggeVibes can't wait!!!
@AggroResting omg I'm such a tourist πŸ˜… and that ZZ is amazing. mine doesn't do anything πŸ˜’
@AllieAndPlants I am so glad to hear it!!
@Pegster isn't it crazy how it trails down the shelf thing!?
@CutGrass look at that #monsteramob showing out!
@Melodey just stunning new growth as usual πŸ₯°
@angi !!! good to see you again!!!! plants looking great!!
@userpammyb look at it creeping up!
@Leefy right!? @Gordo is lucky he's on the other side of the globe or I would be hitting him up for cuttings all the time.
My schefflera and calathea both have two new sprouts #calatheacrew
My alocasias are going at it!
Thanks devs! It’s encouraging to see all the new features and improvements to help keep these alive. πŸ‘ here’s a bunch of new growth featuring my rescue anthurium showing a will to live, right from the middle where the stem was snapped off. My snake plant is also making a cool white leaf.
Newly unfurled leaf on my #Monstera! πŸŒΏπŸ’š The first double fenestrated leaf she's pushed out!! I'm elated to say the least.
As always, thanks to the #GregTeam for all you do! 😊