Posted 2M ago by @PolishDill

I’m having trouble with the updates…
How do I undo a water? Where did my progress photos go? I’m lost. #teamgreg
Pick the plant and there is a large purple "water" button. Also-
You can select the Water icon and touch a plant in the list and swipe through.
For the images where you have tagged you plant, you can find them on your page across the top.

If they got tagged correctly, you should be able to see all your "moments" with your plant.
@sarahsalith undo a water. I see the big button, I accidentally hit that button. I used to be able to undo, but now I don’t see how to do that.
@PolishDill I'm so sorry! I haven't had enough coffee today. UNDO.

To undo, I have been hitting "snooze" right after. That way, they plant is moved to the water-in-3-days list. I think hitting snooze after water sorta undoes the water. At least from what I've seen.

Please forgive my over-eagerness. 💚
@PolishDill that feature is temp not available 😥 it’s coming back though from what I read. I do this all the time too so you are not alone.
@PolishDill yeah the undo watering feature will be coming back on the next build of Greg. I do this from time to time, so your not alone here.
@sarahsalith how do you do progress photos???
Sorry the response is late. Just got home from a commencement ceremony for one of my Military boys. 

If you have more questions (because I didn't say much) make a post and tag me in the morning. (:

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