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#GregGang, y'all know what time it is!?!? #FreshLeafFriday!!!
we did it team! we made it to another Friday which means it's time for those #NewGrowth pics. i know your πŸͺ΄ babies have been putting in work this week and it's time to show them off!!!

so let's see your fresh leaves, your new blooms, and all your plants made happy by Greg!

if you really wanna get crazy tag your Greg friends and make sure they share their new leaves as well!!!!

Happy Friday all!!
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I'll kick us off with a fresh leaf and a tag. look at these little baby leaves in Leo my #SilverSquill!!!

and for the tag, my other side of the world friends @Gordo @strawberrymoon and @foliagegirl
Happy friyay everyone
#freshleaffriday for this week is my Fiddle Leaf Fig #FicusGang #FiddleLeafFig #timetraveler
Here are a few of mine.
@RJG did you set your alarm earlier or something? Fresh leaf Friday is earlier today
Just three more
@Gordo omg i joined #timetraveler and no sometimes my brain is just mean and is like "Hey it's getting up time"
and then my heart is like "no it's 5 AM go back to bed"
And then my brain is like "NOPE WE GETTING UP"
and here we are....
I forgot my satin potho.
@KikiGoldblatt can't forget the satin pothos Kristy!!!
@RJG lol. Nice to have my second member 😝 any way enjoy your day today and that coffee β˜•οΈ
@Gordo gonna need a bit of it today. sweet dreams. check back on Saturday! ☺️
My senecio is showing off new baby leaves πŸƒ #SucculentLove
@KikiGoldblatt beautiful
Oh I’ve got a few! The way my English Ivy grows new leaves make me giggle. And my philo midnight is finally growing a new leaf after I though he wasn’t going to make it. And of course the ever-trusty Golden pothos.
All my Alocasias are shooting new growth like there's no tomorrow ☺
New leaf! #Monstera
@Rachaelw wow that's fantastic!!!
Some Friday babes. Baby rubber plant, bunny feet prayer plant, poleis moon valley, money tree, Chinese money plant. Grow on gang!!
And everyone loves a good fern unfurl.
@Jilliebeanstalk i am confused, ferns grow? not in my experience
Ive been looking forward to this one :) polly is expecting twins. My FLF has been putting up smaller leaves lately though which is a bit of a bummer πŸ€”
Not one, but two new leaves growing on my phalaenopsis orchid!
Some of mine. Also my first leaf with fenestration on my Monstera!
@damian OMG YAY FENS
This #freshleaffriday we have..... A #heartleafphilodendron with a few bits of #brasilphilodendron mixed in it ... My #pinkprincessphilodendron has a new leaf coming out of it's new leaf... My #monsteraadonsonii.... And lastly my #mccolleysfinale.

I also wanted to show you my kiddo's pea and cucumber seedlings she planted ☺️
#philoflock #pothospack #monsteramob #seedlings #vegetables
@AggroResting omg the petioles on that last one πŸ‘€πŸ₯΅
@melodey yasss we must indoctrinate the children to our plant lyfe
Happy bbs
My wee #BackyardBananas are doing their best!
This guy is also growing some goofy arms πŸ€ͺ
This little miss is working overtime pushing out new growth #Philodendron #philodenronmia
@RJG I found one more for you . I think this one needs a before & after
I loves my babies (plants)
Hey ya’ll 😍
First time posting for #FreshLeafFriday πŸ’š
Love love love new leaves, I check my plants every morning to see what’s up!
Here’s some new recent ones :)
Enjoy your Friyay!
Still beaming over this new growth. πŸ‰οΏΌ
But also !!!!! My very first #Monstera leaf with holes πŸ₯ΊπŸ’š
@Willisjanne welcome!
@RJG thank you! :)
Growing like an absolute champion! Third photo is a baby photo just to show how much it has grown.
Fresh leaves everywhereeeeeeee πŸƒ
@KikiGoldblatt one of my favorite plants!
@RJG now I’m confused. I believe all plants grow. My other one doesn’t grow since I almost killed it but this new one has new shoots every week or so.
@Jilliebeanstalk i think ferns just hate me
And this guy too!! #FreshLeafFriday #FiddleLeafFig
New to this #freshleaffriday , here are some of my baby's.
Aloe vera, parloum palm and peace lily are going slow and steady. πŸ€—
Also lucky bamboo and mint are doing great.
Just a few of the noticable new growth! Really happy my rubber tree came back happy. She was pretty stagnant for a bit. #FreshLeafFriday
@brookeplantz I cannot get over how tiny and cute new FLF leaves are. πŸ₯°
@brookeplantz your Birkin!!! So gorgeous. 😍
@Willisjanne congrats Mama!! Also gorgeous lighting in that picture.
@Kiersten why is this cracking me up πŸ˜‚
New leaves πŸƒπŸ₯°
2 new bunches of flowers πŸ’πŸ˜πŸ₯° #redprayerplant
My dad had an attack of sciatica and he is my mom with dementias caregiver so I am in Omaha for a while and hour away from all my plant babies (don’t worry, hubby is caring for them)!
So I had to get creative with fresh leaf Friday!
The magnolias are starting to bloom and South Omaha seems to have little one tucked around every corner! #plantsofsouthOmaha