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Experiment 6: Variegated String of Hearts & ✨Pothos Water✨ (Update)
✨Hello there, #GregGang 😊

🔬After 9 days of starting this experiment, I’ve been keeping myself from updating y’all to let Doki grow 😩 Well, I need you guys to see this little baby!! I’ve owned other #StringOfHearts and none have grown as fast and as big as this girl has! I’m not lying when I say I think #PothosWater works!

📸 First Picture is a #BeforeAndAfter. Left image taken July 24, 2022 & right taken Today August 1, 2022

❗️Unfortunately I do not have one to compare it to, BUT I do have a friend in IL who has a similar cutting in size and amount of leaves and hers hasn’t grown much compared to mine in the last 9 days! 🌿✨

✅How I use #PothosWater:

• Propagate any Pothos in water *I’m currently experimenting with #GoldenPothos.
•Leave the cuttings in water for approximately 9-12 days * if cuttings start showing signs of rot or water gets muddy, change and save old Pothos water.
•Collect #PothosWater, use a strainer or mesh-type material to get any gunk out.
•Dilute it with Distilled Water. I do 50/50.
•Water plant until water comes out of drainage hole.

*If you’re unsure, you can let sit overnight or use right away! Again, so far I’ve only diluted with Distilled and this has worked for me!

❓Let me know what you guys think! Any questions? Ask away! 😌🌿
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2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
This is crazy! You think Brazil philodendron water will work?
@Vjunc Philodendrons are known to be slow rooters! I only know of Pothos and Tradescantias but have not tried since I’m not a big fan :)
@kscape ok thank you! I have tradescantia water! I’ll try it out!
I'm curious about if my baby bunny bellies.. seeing how crazy fast they grow and that they rooted in a pot in only 4 days...🤔🤔🤔
I might have to throw a clipping in a jar.
@ManyLime oops i tried it with a bunny belly, it indeed worked, but Pothos are prettier ✨😌
@kscape looking great. 💚💚🌱🌱
Love the string of heart. @kscape how to you propagate them? Mine are getting long.
@KikiGoldblatt you just snip stems that are looking a little leggy and prop! Keep in a bright area and water when hearts are a lil wrinkly!

You can place cuttings in either soil or water! I currently have them in regular potting mix and watering with 50/50 distilled & #pothoswater

Make sure you get cuttings with nodes!

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