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Is this truly a Florist Kalanchoe?

I got this plant 2 years ago as an easter present when I was too sick to worry about plants but, she kept on surviving in a basement window, with almost no water. I have not seen her flower in 2 years & I have a hard time believing she can. Help me out is it true, can my little Trooper flower? Or did the app get it wrong? #Kalanchoe #WhatPlantIsThis
2ft to light, direct
12” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Hi Eva πŸ‘‹ all Kalanchoe CAN flower honey! πŸ₯° (Just like all Monstera can... Though it's not very common for them to do so as house plants! Lol 🀣). I think with Succs, to get them blooming you often have to stress them a bit (certainly true if my Jade Plant... Sorry I'm still not being rotten enough to get yet though! Lmao 🀣). The advice I read was to minimize watering, and basically keep them in the DARK for 14 hrs a day, then in good strong light for 10 and do that for a couple of weeks.

She'll bloom kinda as a defense mechanism... To propegate herself because she feels I'm danger (hence the dark/ bright light/ dark routine) and they can bloom for months at a time once they do! She's probably not getting enough light in a basement to push her... It might be an idea to get a grow light perhaps? If you want to try the dark/ light method I'd be REALLY interested to see photos and hear how your doing!! You have to be quite dedicated to sucking to the routine... But it should work πŸ₯°

Here's a great article about just this subject I found... Have a read! πŸ’š Hopefully it'll help πŸ₯°
@StrugglePlantr Eva they DO bloom again.. They like light and I noticed your info card stated it’s in a pot without draining. I would change up the pot and maybe the soil at the same time and put it in lots of bright filtered light and see if this will help your Trooper out! Just give it some love.. ❀️ πŸ™ŒπŸ». And welcome to Greg. Folks on here help each other and such nice a nice app! Keep us posted on progress