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CAn this plant come from birdseed food?

Do you have a picture? But yes, plants can grow from bird seed! Usually Sunflowers depending on the mix 😊ðŸŒŋ
@ChiefCosmo No, rutabagas cannot come from birdseed food. Rutabagas are a root vegetable, grown specifically for human consumption, and they are not typically found in birdseed mixtures. Birdseed is primarily composed of grains, seeds, and sometimes nuts that cater to the dietary needs of various birds. Rutabagas, on the other hand, are grown from specific seeds planted for their cultivation, quite different from what you'd find in birdseed.

If you're asking whether rutabagas can grow from seeds accidentally mixed into birdseed, the chance is extremely slim for a few reasons:

Birdseed mixes usually contain seeds like millet, sunflower, safflower, and sometimes grains like corn or wheat. Rutabaga seeds wouldn't typically be found in these mixes because they're not a common food source for birds.

Even if a rutabaga seed somehow ended up in birdseed and was then scattered, it would need the right soil conditions, moisture, and care to germinate and grow. Rutabagas require well-drained soil, adequate water, and full sunlight. Simply landing in the ground from a bird feeder wouldn't guarantee these conditions.

Seeds intended for planting are stored and handled to preserve their viability, meaning their ability to germinate and grow. Seeds in birdseed might not be viable due to processing and storage conditions that don't prioritize preserving their germination capability.

So, while it's an interesting thought, it's highly unlikely for rutabagas to grow from seeds that might be accidentally mixed into birdseed.
😆 I didn't see the rutabaga hashtag! I would have said no, I've only ever seen sunflowers come up!