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My rubber plants leaves are drooping even though plant is...

Last watered 1 month ago
@ProphetRedsky Arpit is it drooling or drooping? Photo would help too
Sorry drooping. That’s a typo
@ProphetRedsky Arpit here is some information that you can read and see what you might need to change up in your care of the plant. I wish you the best on your plant care journey ! You can do this!! ☺️
Hello, Arpit! Welcome to Greg!

I had this EXACT problem a few years ago. I had repotted my rubber plant and I was caring for it as usual and it was just looking droopy. I realized I had potted the plant in a pot with NO drainage and I wasn't paying attention to how wet the soil was getting. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

I immediately dumped the plant, let the soil dry, and stabbed some holes in the bottom before repotting it.

Four years later, I believe it has fully forgiven me.

How wet is your soil? οΏΌ
@sarahsalith soil is wet enough. It’s a pot with drainage in it.
@CourtlyKingfern thanks so much will read this and revert back.
Probably too much water since you have no drainage for the pot. I would repot in a planter with some drainage holes
What’s the light situation?