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Is it normal for a rose of Jericho to flower?

I found a flower on Saitama is this normal? I let it sit in fish fertilizer (and distilled water) for almost or a little over 12 hours. I let it sit that long in fish fertilizer because it all dried up the next day and I didn't know if a 30 minute soak would be ok I did change the water to distilled only when I got back home and I plan on changing it again since it still hasn't fully opened. Am I doing something wrong here? #roseofjericho floweringplant">#floweringplant #help #helpneeded #helpme #isthisnormal #plantaddict
5ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
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I don’t know too much about this plant but I do know it’s recommended to only leave the roots/base in water. @AnthuriumQueen should have some more info for you ! 🧑🌱
Hi, @EducatedBeech thanks for the tag. 😁

Hi, @SpikeKing19 Vincent! The rose of Jericho is moss. You may have fully hydrated it and this is the outcome. It only blooms at this time. The plant itself takes sone time to fully green up based on your location. My only suggestions to you would be to make sure only the roots are submerged in water. Change the water daily to prevent bacterial growth and enjoy its healing benefits. I shared more info about this particular plant here:

I hope that helps! Btw, you’re doing great with it. Happy growing! 🌿