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Window Leaf Struggles
Hi fellow plant pals! My window leaf plant, Stanley Yelnats, doesn’t seem to thrive no matter what I do. He’s placed about 2 ft away from a south facing window for some BIL, got a new pot/soil for growth a few months ago, and I keep up with his watering. Any tips on how I can help him thrive?
2ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Are you waiting for soil to dry out between waterings?
I've had one that's been dramatic also. The cutting grew a new leaf in water, then yellowed when I put in in soil, then didn't grow anything when I put it back in water, now it's put out a new leaf in soil (I've had it a year).

I think it takes them a while to get settled when we mess with the roots and moisture.

I agree with @PlantEuphoria to check the watering schedule, but I bet it's being dramatic from the repot as well
@PlantEuphoria Yes! I’ve been sticking my finger a couple inches in the soil to make sure it’s dried out before I water
Can you change the pot to a smaller one and one with slats for air flow? It may be that your baby has too much soil and it’s retaining water without allowing air to flow through fast enough. It’s a vine and it needs air to grow. The smaller tge pot, the less water it needs. Greg is telling you how much water based on pit size, not plant size so that soil volume is also partially the water retention volume. It could be too much. Pull the plant gently and measure the root system width. Determine the pot size by that. Add an inch of you want to and plant it in a medium that is slightly coarse bark, with a little tropical plant soil. Refrain from watering. Give it a misting before 10 am every morning for about one week. She may also benefit from a very mild liquid tropical plant food. Plants like snug roots to not feel like they’re drowning. This is often why plants are temperamental. Let us know how it works out if you follow through and please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Everyone here is so supportive of their fellow plant lovers. That’s the best thing about this app.

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