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It looks awful. It's been hard to keep it alive. Leaves keep falling off. I put it in the kitchen and haven't really done anything with it, because I was giving up on it. It has another shoot but the whole thing died. How do you make these grow better?
5” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
It may be your water if you’re watering with tap. I have having that problem with mine and I switched to rain/distilled and that helped a lot. They’re very sensitive to light too so you want to keep it in a shaded area that get very little indirect sun
How far is it from a window? I find they really like bright indirect light. The pot you have for the size of the plant is too large so could be contributing to the growth dying. I find they also do well being in a mix of vermiculite and coarse perlite. Attached is a photo of my maranta. It lives in a 10cm diameter pot (to help gyou gauge how big of a pot you need (depending on the root ball of your plant)). Ignore the curled leaves; I juuuuust gave it a drink because it's thirsty
@TawaMari I actually find mine thrives in the window I have mine in
@foliagegirl mine is very picky, I’ve been toying around with it for like the last month. I think my problem might be the pot size too tho! Thank you for the info
I switched mine to purified water and she is thriving
Distilled water and putting it in the master bathroom so it gets humidity twice a day has made a massive difference in mine!

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