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Snake plant problems…
so I know this really looks like root rot, but I swear I have not watered this plant in a very long time to be sure that wasn’t the case, I’m losing more and more leaves and they seem to get almost like vesicles and the whole leaf turns to mush. Does anyone know if this is some kind of disease?
4ft to light, indirect
11” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Hey Hayley, you should try adding #dracaena and #snakeplant to your post so more people will see it 🙂🖤
How large is the plant. Could the container be to large to allow for it to dry properly? I would pull it out and make sure it not to wet. If so replace the soil. This will also give you the opportunity to look closer at the base of all the other leaves. Also if there is a high humidity around the plant or even misting the plant can contribute to a mushy leaf. I hope this helps a little, good luck. 👍
Does anyone else in your home "help" you water? (I caught my husband tossing out water in the SAME plant a few days in a row and my rubber tree was SWIMMING!

Is there a tray at the bottom that is retaining water?
What kind of soil is it planted in and how compact? One of my other plants started doing something similar so I didn’t water it for weeks and leaves were yellow/falling off. I took the plant out of the pot and found the bottom was still very very wet even though I hadn’t watered it in weeks. I cleaned it off and removed the roots that were rotting and repotted it in a soil that holds less moisture. It’s doing much better now. I would at least take it out of the pot and examine the roots/bottom soil. Do you have a soil moisture reader? You could also stick that in as far as possible and grab a reading.
not sure but snake plants don’t do well in plastic. maybe you need to change the pot.
Choose a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom. Terra cotta pots work well for snake plants, since they allow the soil to dry out more easily than plastic pots.

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