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Half my baby rubber plant is turning brown
I noticed half my baby rubber plant turning brown. A few days ago so I went ahead and repotted it with fresh soil fearful that it was over watered, even though I feel like I don’t over water her.She’s still brown and wilted and I have no idea what to do now, help! #Peperomia
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@ChansGarden there is hope. You still have green on the plant. I would trim off the dead parts with sterilized scissors, sterilize them by using rubbing alcohol. Or you can always repot it and give it fresh soil. If you repot it gently knock off as much soil as you can and then rise off the remaining. That’s what I did with one of mine. Make sure your pot has drainage otherwise you will overwater it. Check the soil about 2 to 3 inches down and it’s wet don’t water it, but the snooze button. If it’s dry water it. I’m sure your problem is from overwatering. If you keep it in your pot without drainage just always check the soil before watering.
I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I know it's disappointing.

The plant is showing signs of overwatering. It looks like those stems were damaged; perhaps the roots had some rot. Does your pot have a drainage hole in the bottom?

Peperomias love to be in well draining soil. If your pot doesn't have drainage, the soil could have been staying too moist and over time, the roots could have become soft.

Peperomia plants will wilt for two main reasons. The first is over-watering and the second is under-watering. Under-watering seems like an obvious cause of wilting, but over-watering is a bit more surprising. The reason for this is that in both scenarios the plant is not getting enough water.

Your Peperomia will be happiest in medium to bright indirect light, however, they can tolerate lower light and can even adapt to fluorescent lighting. Keep out of direct sun—the leaves will burn.

It looks like getting direct sunlight and it’s burning your leaves. Here in mine and it’s getting indirect sunlight.
@sarahsalith No my pot does not have a drainage hole :(
@KikiGoldblatt I usually keep my Peperomia in low indirect light on my shelf about 4-5 feet from my north facing window
@sarahsalith do you think I can save it?
@ChansGarden absolutely. You might not be able to save that stem that is brown, but you have a great chance at saving the rest of the plant.

I would say it's time for a repot. 

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