Posted 2M ago by @CoolLimabean

I need a bit of help with my plant. 😅 I’m quite new to this. Babi has these weird black spots all over, I assumed I over watered it but I’m not sure…
0ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Could be fungus or pests. Is your plant inside or outside? I would take a close look at the stems and leaves to see if you can find anything.
@Marthamaywho92 I took a close look and didn’t see any pests, it’s probably fungi. Would I need to clip the spotted ones?
@CoolLimabean Yes, I would clip the badly spotted ones . How much light does it get and how often do you water it? Also can you check the roots? It looks like it might be too big for that pot and possibly the reason for the brown spots
@CoolLimabean I would also clip the spotted ones as you probably shouldn't eat them and don't want any potential fungus to spread. That way the plant can send all it's energy to the healthy leaves🙃
Thank You everyone for the help❤️. I clipped all the bad ones off. I’ll be repotting it either today or tomorrow.

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