Posted 3w ago by @KikiGoldblatt

#StringOfTurtles #SweetheartHoya I have a this as a combo. How often should I water it?
I love that combo! I would be super excited to see it with more growth! I would check them in like 10days. They should just about be dry before watering, also I would water from the bottom and let them take their fill. πŸ₯°
Love this look! They both enjoy completely drying out between waterings so it's a good combination!
Just a word of advice though, I have seen the heartleaf hoyas sold with roots, but no nodes. So I would check if there is one. If there's no node unfortunately it won't grow, but the leaf will live for about a year or two :) #hoyahead
Just a heads up, that pot looks way too big for them. It could result in overwatering because the roots wont have the capacity to absorb all the moisture
OMG I have both plants but not potted together 😍 I love this.. I have 2 variegated string of hearts and 2 regular hoya kerrii.. I love yours
@NimbleMistystar it’s in a 4”
Terracotta pot. I don’t have anything smaller than a 3” I think. Should I repot it?
What a great idea!!

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