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Help! My mother has turned this plant over to me to try t...

But I know next to nothing about it. From the looking I've done it looks like maybe some care can revive it. I thought there'd be no better place to check than here.

Is it too far gone or some TLC time??? The beautiful blooming picture is from before it was ignored.
The others are now how she handed it over. #Anthurium
3ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
it looks kind of dry since it is drooping but idk i’m not very experienced
Welcome to Greg @DivineMonstera !

These like to stay a little moist. A terracotta pot may not be the best fit for this plant especially if you tend to forget waterings.

Unpot it, have a look at the roots and remove any mushy roots. Spray roots with peroxide.

You may need to downsize the pot size if you lost a lot of roots. There dhould be about 1-2" space between the root ball around the pot.

I would repot in a plastic pot and if you're near a Walmart, they have self watering pots which may be better for you.

This plant is pretty resilient so it will eventually bounce back with some TLC.
So, I know these plants require lots of humidity, also check the roots make sure they are root bound, also may need to check drainage to ensure the water isn’t causing too much moisture in the bottom of your potter. I hope she comes back better than ever!
Honey, it’s not dead they leaves the stems are green, just water it and give it some love
Last watered eleven days ago… These need consistent moisture and humidity. Not wet but moist medium and what we call high humidity (50%) for the foliage. The terra cotta pot helps if your soil isn’t ammended but it’ll need more frequent watering. My one painter’s pallet is watered once a week and is near a humidifier since it’s not like it’s high maintenance siblings (other anthuriums). Just give it rain water or distilled water and make sure it’s getting consistent care. It’ll come back. You have a lot of growth points so don’t worry too much. Anthuriums take their time growing so it won’t be instant. Be patient. It’ll come back as long as the roots aren’t damaged.