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What happened to my thyme?
Does anyone knows what kind of sickness is this and how to treat it ? Thank you for any advice 😊
First, is it in a pot or the ground? Direct sun or partial? How often do you water it and how dry does the soilbget in between your watering? It's hard to tell but are the leaves yellowing/browning/wilting/drying up/is there white powder or spots on it? Sorry it's a lot but I really want to help and it's hard to do so without investigating lol
@FunMaitakeit would be great if I could get a clearer close up on the leaves. It could be white mold, a powdery mildew, fungus, and more. It's hard to tell from these pictures though.
@KrunchyWrap It’s on a balcony in a β€œraised bed” with other herbs, I water it every 4/5 days when I see the plants need it, some leafs have white spots with little black spots on it, I don’t think there is any powers on it. Thank you so much for your help 😊
Could also be pests... aaaahhhh so many possibilities
@FunMaitake OK after searching I found someone with the exact issue and it's a pest called thrips
@FunMaitake the other person's thyme looks exactly like yours does
@KrunchyWrap Thank you so much I will try that 😊
Yea I'm sorry it's thrips BUT never fear because theres always a way to rid yourself and plants of these sonsAbetches
@FunMaitake OK let me know how it all goes! Best of luck I really hope this helps β™‘

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