Posted 1M ago by @SubtleSeagrapes

What’s up with my spider plant? It never used to be this ...

2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Too dry and too much sun. Mine too loses colour when I forget to waterπŸ˜–
Give it a good drink and put it away from the sun for a while and it will be green again tomorrow🌱
Yes, exactly what Veronika said.
@MockingJay I’ve been watering it. Once a week. I gave it an extra drink but I tend to be heavy handed with water so I don’t know .i repotted it as well and the roots looked nasty, soft, mushy, and some just fell off with a lot of soil. I also tried moving it and then the leaves just get more withered and sad looking. It did turn more green after moving it into a third location, but then went back to the same, without more water.
@SubtleSeagrapes that sounds really strange. Maybe the pot is too big? As long as there is drainage and you don't let it sit in water it usually should be fine.. But that really sounds like root-rot, so it has probably stayed too wet for a while. Make sure you let it dry out between waterings. But when you first water you should do it until it drains.

This might be a good time to put some of those babies to root in water. (Either cut them or just put a glass with water beside the plant to put them in while attached). In case it doesn't bounce backπŸ˜†πŸŒ±