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When should I pot this gal?
Ilea is rooting pretty well, but I still have no idea how long I should wait/how extensive her roots should be before I pot her 😭 Should I get a bigger jar, so her roots can extend a bit more before I pot?
When I do pot her, what do you guys recommend for soil, potting etc?
Update pics for attention :)
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2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
The roots look good to pot up now! πŸ‘
For potting mix I do equal parts coco coir, perlite, and bark. You can replace the coir with soil if you don’t use coir.
Make sure to keep the potting mix somewhat moist for the first couple weeks while the roots are adjusting to soil.
I would go ahead and pot now.
@AMG Awesome! Do you have any brands that you prefer, or do you think just any brands of the components would work? Thank you both! @MeganO
I think any brands of bark and perlite will do. I do prefer chunky perlite which I can only find in nurseries.
I’d try to get the best soil that you can get; fox farm, black gold, and de la tanks potting mix is great. Coco coir I usually get on Amazon but keep in mind that it doesnt have nutrients like soil so you need to fertilize all the time.
For soil, I usually get fox farms soil (happy frog or the ocean one) or black gold. I usually mix in perlite (chunky/larger size) if you can find it and orchid bark to help with moisture and helps soil drainage.

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