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Best trailing plants for hanging containers?
I have a plant stand in my house, it’s from IKEA. It is five containers that hang on a ladder. It leans up against the wall. I’d really like to get two trailing plants, and have one trail down into the rung of the ladder below. And the other trail down to the next. Anyone have any ideas for which plants I should get? I don’t wanna spend a fortune, and I want them to be bushier. I’m really bad with succulents. (Plant stand attached.)
Pathos and ivy are relatively inexpensive and vine great! They're both pretty easy to maintain as well 😊
Vining philodendrons would also be good!
Some Senecio string of dolphins, raindrops, tears, bananas, hooks 🪝 may look good at the top.
@Kaleyeeaah pothos for sure and vining philodendrons as @RJG said.

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