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Less than ideal light / room setups

Hey All, trying to get something setup for propagation in my small house, and space is really becoming an issue.
Im wondering if it’s possible to use grow lights for each of my stations so I can place it on a wall in a less than ideal light room, or if that’s not conducive to propagation!
Thanks in advance for your advice and insight!
@John01 you can definitely use grow lights, there are lights that are more than powerful enough for any plant you may have, I’d suggest trying to find one with a dimmer so you can adjust the light level up and down
This is my prop wall. It gets great light, but I plan to do a similar thing on other walls and put strip lights under each shelf (then things that are ok without on the top shelf). I also put full spectrum grow lights in many of my fixtures to give my plants an extra bump.
@John01 @Sassylimey may have some answers for you as well. She props a lot.
Thank you for the tag @KikiGoldblatt💖

I also have very limited space in my small home also @John01 I have props on an east windowsill and some on a shelf by an east window with an LED light to brighten that darker wall. I've also got some props under a grow light on a shelf. Basically anywhere I can find a spot for my props. I know how tricky it can be John, small home limited window space etc.
I hope this helps. TBH I'll create anything I can for my plants and more plants 🤪🤣
Here's a couple of pics
Oh that’s just awesome info everyone, thanks so much!
I was just super unsure if grow lights would work for propagating also so now that I know, I can’t wait to get things started!!!
I have some lights on the way over the next few days, ill be sure to post some pictures. My office ladder shelves are getting a major upgrade!!!!

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