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HELP me save my Mandevilla Sanderi, PLEASE!!! I am so de...

I am so desperate to make my relationship with this plant work.this is the second one I've purchased online. Both plants arrived in bloom; however, as soon as they came out of the box, all of the blooms started falling off. Both of them went through changes while trying to adjust here in my home.

I have met every criterion necessary for this plant to thrive. I waited at least a month before repotting, which was a couple of months ago. I used a tropical soil mix with perilite, worm castings, and some organic bark.

I only water when the soil moisture meter says it is dry. The soil's temperature, moisture, and pH are exactly as they should be. The lighting requirements and room temperature are spot on (in the picture where I am pointing, I am showing you the spot by the East facing window where it normally sits). I even have it sitting in a pebble tray with water for humidity (it is not in contact with the water in the pebble tray. It is in a growing pot, which is inside of a pot without holes for this specific purpose).


LAST NIGHT, OVERNIGHT, all of the leaves turned yellow and dropped. These are all that are left. There was absolutely no warning sign. How can I save it? Should I cut it all up into pieces and propagate it? I don't even know where to cut them at to do it right, lol! I am just so desperate for one of these to work.

I've spent all day reading online, and there is nothing that tells me exactly what it is and how to solve it. Every article just says it could be 10 different reasons, and they all say the same thing.

I just need a REAL solution, so I came here!!!! Thank you to anyone who can help me!!!
0ft to light, direct
6โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
When you water, is the soil still super moist in in your opinion? In my experience the beat moisture meters are either A) your finger B) pencil or chop stick. I tried using a moisture meter and it ruined a lot of my plants. Also just because it says it needs "so & so temps" doesnt mean you have to get it exactly right especially since every climate is different, sometimes the needs of the plant will basically alter in a new environment. It looks like it could be from not necessarily over watering but the soil (even if its just the lower half) has been possibly too moist for too long. How chunky is your soil and what the air circulation like? Do you have a humidifier?
@KrunchyWrap, No, I check to make sure it is dry with either my fingers or wooden skewer stick first. Then, I double-check it using my soil moisture meter. The soil is super aerated and still seems as fresh as the day I repotted it a couple of months back. I used organic bark and perlite so that it is well-draining. I have a humidifier, but since the plant room is kind if big, I have had it sitting in a pebble tray for humidity purposes. I have a fan that is on low for air circulation to mimic a slight breeze. It is moving the air, but it is so gentle.

That's why this just baffles me, because after I list the last one to the same thing, I changed all of the environmental conditions to make this one work.

Thanks for your help, input, and questions. I really need to save it, but Idk how to at this point. I don't know if I need to propagate before it completely dies. I also dont know if it will survive after the last leaf drops.
For insurance purposes i would go ahead and try to cut and prop a few pieces. Idk about this plant but i know me personally, anytime i ever buy a monstera or some pothos, it doesn't matter what i do bc they always almost die and i have to water prop then and when i transplant them they are fine. They get the same exact care and stuff but they just try to die first every time @sarahsalith @dreamlettuce do you guys know?
It only has one leaf attached now. I wonder if it will propagate without any leaves...
Iโ€™m not even sure what this plant is? I k it I have had a few do the same thing from being in shock when moved to a different environment. An ID on plant may help us
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