Posted 3w ago by @Lynnja

Trying to propogate a SOB
Is there any hope for this? I haven’t watered it and it doesn’t seem to be rooting but looks like it’s dying? Never guessed these would be so hard to grow??!? Any tips?
What type plant is it?
@PrimeChinarose - string of bananas
Lynne, years ago I had a string of pearls. I was trying not to overdo the watering. It died on me! I have lots of sedums, but I have shied away from the string of pearls/bananas. Hopefully someone else can help you with this.
@PrimeChinarose - thanks. I’m a chronic over-waterer! I understand. I got this cutting from a friend that’s struggling with cancer so I’m trying to save the it. My husband was so excited for it too!!
I guess I should have water rooted it first🥲
You could try a couple of the bananas and water with pothos water, or dust with rooting hormone & then put in soil. Just an idea, don't know if it would work. Good luck, & keep me posted!

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