Posted 2w ago by @Barbaragurl

What is this?
Greg labeled this as Tomato… but I don’t think it is. It smells like Lemon Pez. Can someone confirm? It’s very soft/fuzzy.
@Barbaragurl it’s definitely not a tomato plant. I have been searching the web and I haven’t been able to find anything either. I thought at first it was lemon balm, which is part of the mint family. Now that I have looked more closely I think it is Lemon Balm.
@KikiGoldblatt it’s not as thin as lemon balm. It’s very thick.
Hope this helps😃
@Flora185 it looks close… but I still don’t think that’s it. It’s not leafy. The stem is thick… and velvety.
I saw something similar the other day; could this be a Vick's Plant?
@sarahsalith that’s what I’m coming to. But I don’t see it as a plant option on Greg.
@Barbaragurl it's there. I saw it. I believe it's further down the list. It might be under a different name.

I'm going to see if I can find it for you and I'll take a screenshot.
I'm wrong. It is in fact NOT in Greg yet. Annddd... I don't think the link is working. When I touch it on my phone, the app crashes.

When I use my sons' account, the link doesn't work at all.
@sarahsalith I went ahead and added it. Succulent Coleus ie: Vicks Plant. Thanks for your help!
@Barbaragurl cool! I'm glad you got it. (:

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