Posted 3w ago by @Vjunc

Pink princess(lol or not )
Can I revive this before I buy it lol?
Best Answer
This is a Calathea!
It may just be thirsty but it’s hard to tell!
Give this sweet thang humidity and a big drink of water. It's probably in need of serious spa day πŸ₯°πŸ˜…

The underside tells me this is a Calathea Or Stromanthe like @jcPlantProper said.
@jcPlantProper @melodey @LatiTish84 @AwesomePlants thank you guys! I hope I can save her she’s so cute and sad! I ended up getting her for free!
@Vjunc she looks pretty, would be even more pretty with some TLC! Heck yes on it being a freebie too!
@Vjunc FREE is the BEST price especially trying to rehab a calathea! 😬
It kinda looks like a stromanthe

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