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Propagating pothos turning black?
My propagating pothos lost a leaf already and now a second leaf has started to turn black at the tips. What is causing this, I worried it’s disease?

I took this cutting on May 29, from a shady outdoor spot. Last week one of the leaves turned all yellow and dies, I cut it off. Now this leaf is turning black. It has water, indirect light and it is growing 3 new roots. I don’t know if it’s because it’s Inside or is this plant sick?

It’s really hard to see the roots but some of the tops roots looks like root rot. I would keep an eye on it over the next week. How often have you been changing your water? When propagating always change the water every 5 to 7 days.
I was just topping off the water whenever it got low. Never really changed it till today… here is a better shot, all the little brown roots were air roots it had when I cut it. It really only has 2-3 tiny water roots @KikiGoldblatt
I think everything looks great so far. @KikiGoldblatt is right, it's good to refresh the water weekly if you remember. Topping off works well too.

The new roots are looking good and in time, you'll have some great roots!

Keep in mind, you took that plant from an amazing growing situation and brought it into your house - it will need to adjust. It's okay to lose a leaf or two.

The most important part is that as the plant grows new leaves, those leaves will be acclimated to your home. (: Please keep us informed! I'd love to have a big pothos like that. 💚

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