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My sundew was doing great for almost a year until a month or two ago when all of the leaves turned black and died. I trimmed them off in hopes of it growing new ones but i think he’s a goner. Any ideas on what did this or if he can be saved?
2” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
Carnivorous plants usually need to go through a dormant phase.
@MeganO thanks! how long does it usually stay dormant? I’m not seeing any signs of life with it so hopefully he’s just taking his sweet time coming back. My venus flytrap and pitcher plant didn’t go into dormancy like this where they look dead, they just grew slower and looked a bit wilted, so i was concerned when i didnt see any green or new growth after a few weeks and with cutting the dead petals off.
@Erinmo can you post an updated photo here so I can look?
First 2 pics are from summer 2021 and the second 2 are what it has looked like for the last month after i cut all of the dead petals off
Pics from today that hopefully you can see better
It was still growing the long stalks with flowers up through december and january. I just dont know what happened.

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