Posted 3w ago by @HumbleIvy

Can someone help a novice plant owner with my snake plant?
While I was moving my snake plant’s pot today, I noticed that one section of the plant was “wobbly” & didn’t seem to be rooted into the soil well anymore. So I pulled it out & now this. Is the orange part root rot & if so, what are my next moves?
2ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
It doesn't look like it to me. does it smell like rotting/is it mushy and kinda gross? Or firm?
No it doesn’t smell & isn’t mushy. There were two blades that were separate from this group that had somewhat squishy/shriveled stems at their base that looked maybe water logged ?, but I tossed those. So I can just repot her then & call it a day?
yep! Water only when totally dry and you should have a happy snake on your hands!
Thanks, Drew! 🐍

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