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zebra plant help!

my zebra plant keeps dropping its leaves! it’s lost 3 within a week! is this just something zebra plants do or is there something i’m doing wrong?
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
These very rarely survive as houseplants. They have to stay at about 70Β° (I believe). All the time. Any fluctuation will cause them to drop leaves.

They must have high humidity and the cannot tolerate dry soil. Ever.
@sarahsalith good to know!! i’ll try to keep the temperature in my room constant. i mist the plant every day but i might try a humidity tray too
So far, I've killed three in my lifetime and I'm on my fourth. With the fourth one I learned how hard they are to keep alive.
@sarahsalith what other tricks do you use to keep them alive?
So far, I keep mine by an east window. I started to flower about a month ago, but I don't think I was giving it enough humidity.

I would lose leaves as it was acclimating but the plant would always grow some more.

I should probably give it a pebble tray or maybe move it closer to the fish tank.

Sorry I didn't respond earlier - it's been a busy day. (: