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Help! What happened to the leaves?

#Canna I planted 4 years ago@ they quadrupled in size by next year. Now the leaves look like they’ve been attacked but no visible pests. Watered and fertilized as recommended. I’m at a loss. Help is appreciated!
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Welcome to Gregs Corinne!Don’t worry, your Canna Lily will grow back in the spring.
They naturally turn brown during their dormancy period; (early fall to late winter). When the stems turn brown, you can cut them 5 inches from the ground.
Since you’re in South Carolina (USDA zone 8a), you don’t have to winterize this beautiful plant. But just in case S.C. have an unusual cold winter, (the temperature fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit) you should protect the stems and its roots by surrounding the stems with (bark) mulch.
I hope your Canna Lily will live long and prosper.
@Ada3 this started almost as soon as they bloomed. Very odd. The flowers come out lovely but the leaves look terrible.
There are several reasons why the leaves turn brown.
(1) Over or Under Fertilizing Use a slow release -HIGH nitrogen fertilizer.
(2) Bugs or insects infestation
Have you noticed any caterpillars, spider mites or aphids on the leaves? You can spray them off using water. Use an insecticidal spray or Neem Oil to keep them off.
(3) Insufficient Watering
Touch the soil with your finger or hand … if it’s dry to the touch, water your plant. Try not to get water on the leaves or on the flower. This can cause the leaves to have rust colored spots.
(4) Insufficient sunlight
Too much sun or too little sun will cause brown leaves. East is the best location to get partial shade in the afternoon (the hottest time of the day) and 4-6 hours of morning sun.
▫️I hope your beautiful Canna Lily will recover quickly.
▫️For more causes and remedies :
@Ada3 I haven’t noticed any bugs. And I’ve only fertilized once, and it was after the leaves already started shredding. I was thinking maybe my yard maintenance folks used a weed killer and it got on the leaves. But I’ll take a closer look and make sure I’m not missing anything. Thanks for being so helpful!