Posted 1M ago by @Autumnnixolee

I’ve had my pothos for a couple months now, I’ve tried not to over water it or anything but i can’t quite tell if it’s healthy and or needs anything, please helpp🥺
12” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
Try to water it once a week so you don’t over water your plant
It looks healthy to me, I don’t see any brown spots or yellowing on the leaves and the nodes along the stem appear normal to me.
How much water are you giving it and how often? To me it looks a little bit thirsty, but i could be wrong. I have 3 and i find whenever my leaves look flimsy like that, that it needs some water.
I agree with @wateryourplants the leaves look somewhat soft, and drooping, which is an indication that it’s a bit thirsty.
it looks fantastic but definitely only water it once every week or two at most. i let my soil dry out pretty good before watering again and the amount of time that takes differs widely based on humidity, medium, and drainage. right now all my rooted pothos are in leca, which is great if you have a habit of overwatering
It looks healthy just water pothos once a week thats in general
Good measure for water is water when the first inch of soil on the top is dry 👍

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