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how do you keep your variegated white plants white?

how do you keep your variegated white plants white? mine seem to brown so easily/soon, and i know they don’t last as long… And is the care the same for pink variegation as it is for white? #variegated #HappyPlants #help
4ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Usually leaves that aren’t green tend to die quicker due to the fact that they can’t photosynthesize so it’s harder for them to stay alive. I’m extremely new to the plant game, but I’m pretty sure it might be similar to taking care of a pink variation since they suffer from the same issue I’m guessing? I’m hoping someone with more knowledge maybe #GregGang can back me up.
@Lårysgrove this is correct. Unfortunately the less green there is on a leaf the less it can do its job and live.
@laterisers yeah i know of that i was just wondering if there’s anything to be done to help them at all!
@pelssy nothing really, you can just try and enjoy it while it’s there and give it as much light as it can take. 🤷‍♂️😅
@pelssy this is my favorite kind of plant. Where did you get it from?
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The only time my white variegation turned brown was when it got too much light.
@AmyM oh okay maybe i have my grow lights on too much!
@Neatundertaker locally!!
@pelssy locally on earth?
Jeez! Thank you!
@Neatundertaker 😂 canada from the prop studio
Sometimes nothing you can do, but I found sometimes too much light or too close to a grow light.

When I water, I use either orchid fertilizer or…for me it’s been newer because I hate messing with what works…a mix of these three hydroponic blend, whether watering or if they’re in water. So far, happy plants! I got the tip off of the orchid fertilizer from my friend and I saw a HUGE change in my plants. It’s a must.
@coffeeNcalathea ooo okay i have some of that for my orchids!
@coffeeNcalathea I am truly impressed with your plant selection. Also, I really like the white containers, I think they offer a beautiful contrast with the greenery, I have a few of them with a double bottom to collect the water.
@Neatundertaker thank you! 🥰 If I could, there would be a LOT more in this house 😂 I’m both blessed (as well as get in trouble) by being near some great nurseries, but also just see something that catches my fancy when I’m shopping and snag it.

I had a monstera albo that, RIP, did not make it. I found out the hard way that growing in moss and I just do not work well and that’s how the seller sent it. Not a drum plant to find that out with.

I’ve really been into textured, natural colored pots lately, but I reuse a lot of what I have. After my albo death, I’m a big believer in using clear pots that you can hide in a decorative pot or anything with a lot of drainage holes. I also love my terracotta self watering spikes! They save my life!