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Yellow leaves on my split leaf
I initially thought it was getting too much sun, so I moved her- no improvement. I’m thinking root rot? Pot too large? Any other suggestions before I pull her out of the pot to check? What exactly am I looking for when it comes to root rot and what suggestions would y’all have to hopefully not completely kill the plant? I don’t think all hope is lost on this one, just want to get her healthy. Thanks y’all!!!
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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If the younger leaves are also yellowing very quickly then I'd say it's time to check the roots and maybe repot.

Her roots should be solid feeling and white, so anything that is squishy and black is rotten and should be trimmed away.

Her pot is a little larger for her as these plants are okay being a bit snug. Move her down to something about the size of that orange pot in the second photo and she should be happier.

When you repot her choose a soil that is fast draining. There are lots of options out there made specifically for these types of plants, or you can make your own if you prefer. Just be sure it drains well and doesn't hold in too much moisture.

She can probably go back to her sunny spot after she is repotted if you want. They don't care for direct sun as the leaves will burn, but they love bright, indirect light. During her recovery she would also benefit from as much humidity as you can give her.

She is by no means a goner and I'm sure she'll be on the mend in no time!
Is this the oldest leaf?
Also @PeacefulBohoBby @arden I found a possible for #HTownPlantTown πŸ‘€ #TexasGregGang
@RJG it’s possible. But even small, younger ones are turning yellow quickly.
What soil do you have it in? Also, does the pot have drainage?
@Marthamaywho92 it has drainage. I really don’t remember what soil I used- probably an indoor mix with some bark and perlite. I do feel like it’s retaining a lot of water, it’s been over a week since I watered, it feels like satan’s butthole outside and the moisture meter says it’s still wet.
@Kpow85 I think your instincts to check the roots are right then.

How hot is it getting out there today? In Austin we're "only" hitting 101Β°
@RJG only 95, heat index of 102- could be worse I guess. I have family in the San Antonio area, they’ve been hitting close to 110 these past few weeks!
@tmbryant37 thank you so much!!! I have a few pots that size laying around, I’ll move her. I keep her outside, and it’s incredibly humid in south Texas. She gets bright, filtered light for about 2 hours in the morning and is shaded under the patio for the remainder of the day.
I do not want this πŸ₯²
@tmbryant37 so I feel like the majority of the roots don’t actually look too bad, but then again I have no idea what I’m doing. Definitely a few dark, squishy pieces though
@RJG ahh nope! My plants seem to love it, though!!!
Her roots are in good shape! I do still think the yellowing is from over watering, but looks to have stopped short of rot which is great.

Moving her down to a smaller pot means less soil to hold in excess moisture. Putting her back in her sunny spot should be just fine as she will enjoy the light.
Wonderful! Thanks a ton for your advice!
Happy to help; she'll be bright and green in no time!
@RJG Yesss!!! Ima just have to make a big ole Texas post to gather them Texan Greggers☺️
@PeacefulBohoBby I'll tag all the ones I know! As Texans we have to be the biggest (and most obnoxious) state group.
@RJG Got to be!! Lemme find a picture for attention!

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