Posted 1Y ago by @Jica

What can I do to save her? This plant is quite special to me- she was doing good until we had the freezing weather- and it’s like this? Advices?
1ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Can you post a picture ?
@Jica I would move much closer to the light. Place in in direct sunlight and then slowly acclimatise to get more direct light as they grow in full sun in nature. I would also repot out of that soil and into a succulent mix with a pot with drainage. Aloe plants have fine roots and with regular soil  there is too much water retention for the roots to be happy.
I would carefully remove and trim off the lower leaves. Then after allowing the plant to “scab” or heal over, replant up to the bottom of the last leaves you left on it. I have been known to repot immediately, but you can risk killing it- bacteria in the soul I think? You might even be able to harvest the broken and browner leaves. I filet my aloe, rinse off the plant latex (sticky part), and blend and freeze into sunburn relief cubes!
Yup she definitly needs some drainige! Or she might get "Root-rot" 🥲