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Why is this happening? 😩 one of the stalks is going yellow at the top and I don’t know if it’s too much water, too little, a sunlight problem? She’s been doing so good.
3ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
I see you have your plant growing in soil. This is likely to be the cause. They need constant moisture and should be grown in plain water that covers the bottom of the canes. Bottled, distilled, or filtered water is best as they are sensitive to fluoride and chlorine. Just keep an eye on the water level and keep it filled.

Also, trim off the yellow areas. It will ❤️grow back. You will probably need to train it to keep the spiral shape. ❤️
Here is an example. The rocks are used to support the stalks.
@TruthfulApricot this app is so misleading because under the info about lucky bamboo it says it needs to be watered sparingly and doesn’t state to put it in a constant water pot. I’m glad I saw this to keep mine healthy and alive ! Great tip!
@CashewGodess I’m so sorry about that. Here is what to do about it. Go to your oasis and open your info for your bamboo. Then scroll all the way down to the bottom where you can leave feedback. Let them know about the problem. @RJG will definitely take care of it.

Here’s a good link about proper care for your plant: