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I need help keeping my aloe vera plant alive. For some re...

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Hi there! I’ve killed quite a few myself over the years trying to learn more about them so don’t feel bad! They love bright, indirect light. I like to put mine in direct morning sun or late afternoon when it’s cooling down because I’ve found that they get sunburnt easily in direct sun during midday. If yours does get sunburnt just move it into the shade and if it’s not too severe, it’ll perk back up in a few days. They also don’t utilize a lot of fertilizer so use any very sparingly. As far as soil goes, I typically pot mine in regular potting soil (about 60%) heavily mixed with perlite (about 40%), in a porous pot with drainage holes-usually terracotta. If outside, I usually water if the leaves feel a little less plump or if the soil is bone dry. If super hot outside, sometimes I water every week, but if kept inside I’d stretch to every 2-3 weeks depending on how the soil and plant look and feel. I hope this helps! πŸ€—