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Have I forgotten a pothos for my list? ...any help getting all the names for my list would be greatly appreciated!!! *not concerned with super rare and/or unattainable cultivars from a University... just making a standard check/wish list!!!
Here's what I have....
Pot Hoes list:
Epipremnum aureum
[ ] Golden
[ ] Marble Queen
[ ] Global green
[ ] Manjula
[ ] Glacier
[ ] Jade
[ ] Shangri La
[ ] Jessenia
[ ] Hawaiian
[ ] Neon
[ ] Snow Queen
[ ] Harlequin
[ ] Pearl's and Jade
[ ] N-Joy
[ ] Variegated Neon
[ ] Emerald
[ ] Green Queen
[ ] Carnival

Epipremnum pinnatum
[ ] Dragon tail (jade)
[ ] Variegata (albo)
[ ] Cebu Blue
[ ] Baltic blue
[ ] Skeleton key *Gabriella plants

Epipremnum amplissimum
[ ] Amplifolia/Silver Leaf/Silver Streak??
[ ] Aurea (variegated)

*Scindapsus- not really a pothos
[ ] Satin
[ ] Silver satin
[ ] Silver splash
[ ] Treubii moonlight
[ ] Treubii dark form
[ ] Silvery Ann
[ ] Jade satin
[ ] Mayari

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Best Answer
List looks good, my only comment would be don’t spend to much for Harlequin as it is just the super white manjula that you can find in pots from big box stores & prop yourself πŸ’• (I know Manjula is hit or miss in stores but just don’t want you overspending πŸ˜„)
Wow!! You want one of each??
Scindapsus treubii moonlight
@jcPlantProper maybe πŸ€” πŸ˜† 🀣

Gonna need lots for the new curtains I want!!! 🀣 🀣 🀣
And look at this insane pothos totem....
@jcPlantProper I just realized that my post read like a request for the plants themselves.... I just need help making the list!
Check these out if you like them maybe they can be on your list πŸ₯°

Mayari (my wish list plant)
Treubii dark form
Silvery Anne
Jade satin
I just looked at your oasis and I loveee the skull planters!
@jcPlantProper I just ordered this and I can't wait to see it in person 😍😍
I have a similar list!
@Kace Dollar Tree!!
@Vjunc Mayari (goddess of the moon!) Wow!!!
@angelw1975 No way! Recently?
@angelw1975 I know right! It's so beautiful 😍
@angelw1975 Those curtains are epic 😲
@kaleena that Carnival is def making my list!
@Kace yes!!! Check out #plantingonabudget I think that's where I saw the first mentions. I got mine last wee!!
@angelw1975 Thank you!
Since we pothosing.... anyone know what this one is?
I bought a few small ones from HD last year and mixed I dont know what they are lol
More pics of the Spice Girls!
I did take a cutting from the solid green one ...its pretty much just green!!! But there is an Emerald and a jade variety 🀷

My best guess is that it is Jade.
@Vjunc what did you order ? The moonlight?? @angelw1975 yeah! I see it’s a wishlist. I love it!
@jcPlantProper yes!! It was from the bros with hoes company. I can’t wait
@Vjunc yea!! It’s definitely a fun choice
I have 2 of these.... they were in sale at my HD... are the really the Treubii moonlight?
@angelw1975 goals!!!
@angelw1975 looks like a golden pothos
@Vjunc these were to be my suggestion. Love scindapsus 😁
@angelw1975 I ordered pearls and jade last night. I’m not sure if you’re ready to buy, but 60% off fast growing plants.
@angelw1975 andddd 50% off new arrivals!
Wow thank you @Kace I love a good #dealalert
@angelw1975 $99 for free shipping too. I’m a sucker for free shipping. πŸ˜‚
What a list!!!! Please update when you have completed.....I need this information πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ™
@PlantEsteem edited the post with an updated list!!! Calling it #pothoes
No vining #Philodendron list? They will 🀯 !
Is Dragon Tail the Epi pinnatum albo?
Nice! Thank you @angelw1975πŸ€—
Is a dark form treubii and a black treubii the same?
I sometimes wonder if the pic is edited to make the black look darker and it's simply a dark form. I really really really want a black treubii
@RJG from what I have found.... the dragon tail is the basic green/Jade epi does have a Variegated albo form and now I had to add that to my list bahahahah
@angelw1975 it's the only one I have πŸ₯Ί
@RJG probably the best one to have!!! I have the cebu and the plain green one....I think.
I'm just guessing on this
@angelw1975 im wondering if β€œgreen form” is baltic blue?
@sydfog I read somewhere that the Baltic blue was Costa Farms exclusive cultivar or something.... here he explains there is a green form and a cebu blue and they "found" this plant and named it Baltic blue....
@angelw1975 this is my dream and one of my goals!!
@ManyLime this is what I found....looks like they are the same...and omgeeeeee gorgeous 😍
@BunnyMummy you are super close to me I could totally hook you up with cuttings if I have any you don't!!!
@angelw1975 that sounds great!!! We should really plan an atl plant swap/ meet and greet!
These are my #pothoes everyone is butt chugging and getting their hair trimmed and pinned if possible... and some mosquito bits!!!
@BunnyMummy yasss!!!! #gagreggang let's do soemthing!!!!
@AwesomePlants shhhhh don't tell the Philos!
@Vinxy2 ❀️❀️πŸ₯°
@RJG Do you want cuttings? I just started trimming…
@Kace cuttings of what πŸ‘€
@RJG so far, marble queen, Baltic blue and cebu. I’m sure there will be more shortly.
@Kace oh I'm okay rn. I can't bring more plants into the house πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
@Kace thank you though!!
@RJG 🀣🀣🀣 Well if there’s ever something you want that I have let me know. You are good to all of us, it would be the least I could do to return the kindness.
@Kace aw that's so kind!
I acquired a Pearls and Jade pothos. Before I have had just marble queen. Are they to be treated the same?
@AC73LoveCats I believe the care is the same... the more variation and light colors in your leaves...the more light you will want it to get!!!
Probably not. πŸ₯°

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