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Hey guys I’m new to this plant world and as you can tell I am already struggling. I would love to hear any advice on the base knowledge I should know to get and keep Rocky nice and healthy.
16” pot
Last watered 4 weeks ago
It should maybe be moved to a spot with more light and the soil should dry out completely between waterings. I don’t personally own a money tree so maybe you could get help from the pros @sarahsalith @HoyaAddict
Welcome to Greg, Tre! 😁
@fabiana might not have the "joy" of dealing with a money tree, but she's spot on!

My drama queen sits right next to a south facing window. It gets LOTS of bright light, but not direct light... except for those few leaves that are peeking around the edge.

You must keep the plant's soil evenly moist. It will not do well if it dries out too much. It will not do well if it is too wet. Make sure you have good drainage in your pot.

also, be aware that these plants are very susceptible to pests. Mine has had spidermites and aphids before.

If you have plants, you'll have bugs.
@sarahsalith Thanks for helping me out! It SOUNDS like a drama queen 🤣
@fabiana it's definitely on my #NeverAgain list. If this plant spontaneously combusted, I'd throw a party. I just can't bear to throw it in the compost pile because it's still alive. 🤦‍♀️
@sarahsalith Oh my gosh 😂
You should water it well yet not too much, and once you see the soil getting dry, water it again.
@sarahsalith omg you told me this when I first joined and now I’m dealing with lovely fungus gnats 🤮

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